Root Canal Therapy in Turlock, CA

If you’re in pain or discomfort because of an infection in your root canal, the best solution is to undergo a painless root canal procedure, which alleviates the pain and preserves your tooth. At Healthy Smile Dental, Harpreet Brar, DDS, has extensive experience helping her patients in Turlock, California, fight back against this tooth-threatening infection, ensuring good dental health for years to come. To learn more about a root canal procedure, call the office or fill out the online form to book an appointment.

While a root canal procedure has long had a bad reputation, the fact is that with modern dentistry, this procedure is no different than having a simple cavity filled. Most important of all, a root canal procedure preserves your natural tooth and alleviates the moderate-to-severe pain that often accompanies an infection deep in your roots.

This infection happens when tooth decay or damage allows bacteria to get inside your tooth, traveling down into your root canal. This area contains the pulp, which protects the nerves within it, but when bacteria enter and create an infection, the roots are irritated by the ensuing inflammation.

If the infection isn’t treated promptly, the infection can spread, threatening the entire structure of your tooth, as well as your overall dental health. Under Dr. Brar’s care, she can stop the infection in its tracks and save your tooth through a simple root canal procedure.

What happens during a root canal procedure?

Using advanced digital imaging, including X-rays, Dr. Brar first confirms that an infection in your root canal is the underlying cause of your pain and discomfort. Once confirmed, she uses a local anesthetic for your comfort and goes into the area to clear out the infected pulp.

Once she’s satisfied that all the affected pulp is removed, she disinfects the area and then fills it with a rubber-like compound known as gutta percha. This material fills in the space left by the removed pulp and protects the area from further infection.

With your infection cleared and your tooth filled, Dr. Brar sets to work to repair the tooth and provides you with a temporary filling to preserve your tooth.

Do I need a crown after a root canal procedure?

Most patients require a crown after a root canal procedure to protect both your tooth and its roots. More often than not, an infection in your root canal is brought on by extensive dental work, damage, or decay in your tooth, leaving it less able to protect against invading bacteria. To ensure that the work she’s done below remains intact, she places a crown over your entire tooth to preserve the underlying structure.

Don’t suffer longer than you have to with a root canal infection. Call Healthy Smile Dental or use the online scheduling tool to book an appointment.

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