Invisalign® in Turlock, CA

If you or your child has a crooked smile that needs straightening, please contact our expert dentist near you. Invisalign at Healthy Smile Dental is one of the most effective, reliable and unobtrusive ways to fix misaligned teeth.

Why Invisalign Clear Retainers Are Popular

Fortunately, gone are the days when teenagers needed to wear conspicuous metallic braces to correct their smiles. Invisalign in Turlock, CA, works discreetly in the background to reposition your teeth and transform your smile.

Turlock Invisalign clear retainers can fix a number of issues such as:

An Overcrowded Dentition

An overcrowded dentition happens when your teeth are too close together on the gum line. They are harder to clean and more prone to decay. Overcrowded teeth also increase strain on the jaw and often result in stress headaches. Dr. Harpreet Brar will first evaluate your teeth and use Invisalign to straighten your smile.

An Overbite Problem

An overbite happens when the upper jaw extends over the lower one. Overbites tend to become more pronounced as we age. They not only look unattractive but also cause speech impediments and chewing problems. Invisalign braces can effectively correct an overbite and make your smile more attractive.


Invisalign can also correct an underbite problem. Our experienced dentist in Turlock, CA, can push back the teeth of the lower arch so that they rest in line with the upper set of teeth.

Gapped Smile

Gaps between the teeth not only ruin your smile but also become sites for potential decay. That’s not all. Depending on the location, gaps can prevent new teeth from erupting properly. Gaps in the smile can be cosmetically corrected with bonding or veneers, but braces result in a lasting solution.

Who Can Use Invisalign?

Invisalign near you benefits not only older teens but also adults. They are virtually undetectable, feel natural and allow you to eat, speak and smile as usual. Adult Invisalign treatment may take a little longer, but you can improve your smile regardless of your age.

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