Dental Sealants in Turlock, CA

Sealants are thin coatings that safeguard the chewing surfaces of back teeth. These plastic layers function by smoothing out the deep grooves in molars and premolars. Over 75 percent of cavities form in these teeth. Decay happens because it is hard to remove plaque, bacteria, and leftover food debris from the pits and fissures. Dental sealants near you keep the bad stuff out.

What’s more, the protective layers make for a tooth surface that is much easier to clean. While Dr. Harpreet Brar recommends sealants for adults, children can also benefit from the added security. Contact Healthy Smile Dental today with any questions.

Preventive Dentistry Near You

At our Turlock, CA, dental office near you, we offer many preventive treatments to help safeguard your smile. With proper oral hygiene habits, sealants will serve you well for many years. To help prolong their use, we check the integrity of the seal at every routine visit. If Dr. Harpreet Brar finds any sign of damage or wear, it is easy to reapply the layer. There are several reasons why your dentist may recommend sealants, such as:

  • Kids and Teens: Once the permanent molars emerge, it helps to seal those back teeth. This is especially true considering the most cavity-prone years tend to be between the ages of six and 16.
  • Primary Teeth: In some cases, baby teeth have depressions and deep grooves, making them more vulnerable to decay. To protect the underlying adult teeth, it is sometimes a good idea to seal them.
  • Adults: Anyone with cavity-prone teeth can reap the benefits of sealants.

How are Sealants Applied?

In only minutes per tooth, your Turlock, CA, dentist can easily apply a long-lasting sealant. Since we generally place dental sealants during a routine visit, there is usually no need to book a separate appointment.

First, the affected teeth are cleaned and thoroughly dried. Then we apply a particular etching solution to ensure a tight bond. The treated area is then rinsed and dried again. Now the tooth is ready for Dr. Harpreet Brar to paint on the protective material. The surface may dry on its own, or it might be exposed to curing light.

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