Dental Bridges in Turlock, CA

Dental bridges near you are aesthetic restorations for a single tooth or multiple teeth. They are designed to seal or ‘bridge’ gaps in your teeth and complete your smile while improving chewing and speaking functionalities at the same time.

If you’ve been considering getting missing teeth replaced, please contact our dentist near you for permanent restorations like bridges and implants.

What Should You Expect at Your Dental Bridge Appointment?

If you’re planning to get dental bridges in Turlock, CA, you should plan your schedule for at least two appointments. During the first visit, Dr. Harpreet Brar will prepare the surrounding teeth to receive the bridge. The dental bridge procedure is similar to getting a crown.

The dentist at Healthy Smile Dental needs to file down the neighboring teeth with a high degree of precision. We will then make careful impressions and send them to a lab to get the tooth bridge fabricated. Our dentist will put a temporary bridge over the site to protect the prepared teeth from damage and injury. The process of grinding down the teeth usually takes about one hour.

The permanent bridge will usually take about three weeks to get ready. Dr. Harpreet Brar will replace the temporary bridge with the permanent one during the second appointment.

Do Dental Bridges Require Special Care?

You may take a few days to get used to wearing the dental bridge. But within a few days, patients feel comfortable with the bite and will be able to chew and speak confidently. Once you get the bridge, avoid eating hot, cold and hard foods for a few days until the slight sensitivity wears off.

No one except a dental expert can remove the dental bridge. Ensure that you floss under the replacement teeth as decay may develop under the crown. The dentist in Turlock, CA, may recommend special flossing tools to floss under the bridge.

In the absence of dental decay or cavities under the crown, bridges near you can last for more than ten years. Our dental expert at Healthy Smile Dental will examine the bridge and other prosthetics for wear and tear during checkups.

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